Cardboard Race

Cardboard Race Rules

Sled Design Rules

•Sled materials: cardboard, tape, paint.
•Evidence of any “illegal materials” will lead to immediate disqualification of the sled and team - NO EXCEPTIONS.
•You may tape the bottom of the sled. 
•You may decorate your sled with paint, pictures, flags, etc. 
•Feel free to wear costumes and bribe the judges.
•Teams must consist of at least 2 members.
•Each member must fill out and sign a liability release form before the start of the race.

Judging of the sleds

•The sleds will be judged in two categories: artistic and speed.
•Please note: costumes may be considered towards the score.

The Competition

•The combined scores will be added for an overall score.
•There will also be an award for the best self destruction of a sled while on course.