To Our Guests: An Appreciation

Mount Peter in her dress whites

We spend a fair amount of our time here engaged with our guests. It’s a big perk. We get to spend some time in the feedback loop that a shared passion for the outdoors and winter sports produces. An enthusiasm contagion. We get valuable insights into how to better serve you And sometimes we get to just stand beside you, and drink in with our eyes the hushed beauty of the mountain. 

We’re fortunate to spend time amidst some of the most beautiful landscape on the planet. As your hosts, we’re equally fortunate to get to spend some time amidst some of the most beautiful people: you and your loved ones.  

It has been a season of affirmation. Because you’re here, and that drives us to work even harder to sustain our sport and traditions. Your traditions. 

“I started skiing here in 1978,” Dan McGill from Haskell, New Jersey shared with us recently. “It’s just the best kept secret. There’s not enough of these places to go around.” 

Dan started to tick off some other independently owned ski areas he could still ski. He didn’t get all that far.   

Not going far was a big draw for Kay Pao of Manhattan. “We started coming here because it’s so close to the city. The free lesson is a great idea. My kids did it… I think it draws a lot of first timers.”    

First timers and sometime-ers. Old timers and all-the-timers. We so appreciate you all.    

“It’s just been a real pleasure to be part of the Mount Peter Experience,” says Jeff Gordon, the second of three generations of Gordon men to ski at Mount Peter. 

Jeff’s two sons began skiing here as toddlers, and now breeze easily down the mountain’s trails.  

Three generations of the Gordon family have called Mount Peter their skiing home
Three generations of the Gordon family have called Mount Peter their skiing home 

Tubing is a perennial favorite here, and we are always delighted to reward some of our most passionate tubing enthusiasts with the unique snow sport adrenaline rush it provides. Melissa from Merrick, Long Island is one such enthusiast, and made the drive up with a large group of family and friends: “We thought it was awesome. The Little Tikes hill was great. The adults had fun, the little ones had fun. Everyone was super friendly, and it was magical for kids.”  

That’s Melissa bracing for another tubing run!
That’s Melissa bracing for another tubing run! 

Mount Peter guest Helen Hill seen here with her husband Adam Mason
Mount Peter guest Helen Hill seen here with her husband Adam Mason

“It was a big deal for me to get back on my skis this past weekend,” Helen Hill told us after receiving a photo taken at our mountain top. “I had reconstructive surgery for my ACL and meniscus last year. This photo is a badge of better things to come.”  

Asked why she kept coming back, Helen added this: “I think what separates Mount Peter from skiing elsewhere is the staff. For example, the lift attendants are friendly, helpful and full of cute anecdotes. For the 20 seconds you interact with them, that gentle smile puts at ease nervousness for beginners and kids and adds to the family feel of the mountain.” 

We feel you Helen. We see you too.   

And when it comes to our guests, we really like what we see.  We see memory making in all its finest forms. We see parents and grandparents, kids and cousins, friends and family of every stripe. We see the dedication and the sacrifices made to ensure it all happens.  

We’ve got more to come this season, including our big Spring Rally this Sunday! On thing we’ll always look forward to seeing is you, back on our slopes!    

John Baiata is the Director of Marketing at Mount Peter. Baiata is a former journalist and two time Emmy Award winner who makes his home in Bergen County, New Jersey. More of his work can be found at 

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